marriage and divorce
Family breakdown is a difficult, stressful time. If you and your partner divorce, you will have to sort out many legal issues. You will likely have to decide about financial support, making child arrangements, and divide your family property.

Getting divorced in the registry office is the simplest option for ending a relationship. To use it some of conditions must be met: both spouses want to get a divorce and there are no joint minor children from a common marriage.

Married spouses who have joint minor children must get a Divorce Order from the Court if they want to legally end their marriage. If you get a divorce, you can ask the Court at the same time to decide other family law issues such as dividing your family property, support payments for your child, and parenting plans, to decide with whom the child will reside or granting you access, contacts and visitation rights in regards to children.

Anyway when your relationship ends, you should have a lawyer who knows family law to help you. If you do not get legal advice, you may give up some important rights that you do not know you have.

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