Julia Kruglova
Partner, attorney
Languages: Russian, English
Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, Faculty of Law.
Admitted to the Bar of Saint-Petersburg in 2013.
Has experience of work in judicial system.

Awarded by the Certificate of Honor for the contribution to the development of justice, improvement of the judicial system, protection of the interests of the judicial community by the Council of Judges of Saint-Petersburg.

"Having worked in the judicial system, I finally realized helping others as my mission. Since then, I managed to turn my mission into the powerful, beloved and successful profession".

+7 964 332 83 37
Awarded with the Certificate of Honor by the Saint – Petersburg Bar for her participation in the operation of the Center for Emergency Legal Assistance to relatives of passengers and crew members who died in a plane crash on 31.10.2015.

Completed the advanced training program "Application to the European Court of Human Rights" at the European Center for Legal Cooperation (CECJ)

Participant of the program for lawyers "Family law: international standards of child's and adult's rights protection" (LexFamilia – Baikal 2019, HELP program of the Council of Europe)

Julia is a speaker at the national conferences and seminars on the topic of protection of children's rights.
+7 (812) 564 64 38