Alternative Dispute Resolution

Amicable settlement agreements
Psychological support
We provide the legal support of our Clients on a long – term basis. For this we offer different alternative ways of dispute resolution. First of all it is important to try intensive negotiations and mediation procedure to avoid the complex court proceedings.

In the first turn we try to offer the negotiations with an opposite party of a conflict, its lawyers and representatives and find the peaceful and friendly solution. Especially in the situation of international cross – border disputes which include parties in different jurisdictions.

Our competence, sensitive, adequate and prompt response help us to attract the right professional mediators and to carry out of the international cross – border mediation irrespective where our Clients are located.

We always stand for peaceful solutions and amicable agreements in the interest of the parties and their minor children.

We are able to draft a settlement agreement on any family issue to prepare the parties for their separation or divorce taking into account bilateral or multilateral international agreements which in place between the countries of the parties' origin. We understand the importance of the validity of the agreement in the countries of habitual residence of both parties and their children.
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